Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders

This is the post excerpt.

The series Five Kingdoms have 5 books. They are Sky Raiders, Rogue Knight, Crystal Keepers, Death Weavers, and the fifth hasn’t come out yet. This is a review of the first book, Sky Raiders.


Sky Raiders is about a boy named Cole. He is with his friends on a Halloween night, and he takes them to a haunted house. But the house is a trap, and his friends get kidnapped by a bunch of men. Cole hides behind a curtain, and he follows them. Apparently, they go through a portal to a world called the Outskirts. There are 5 kingdoms in the Outskirts: Sambria, Elloweer, Necronum, Creon, and Zeropolis. Continue reading “Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders”

Thank You Mrs. Weingartner

Dear Mrs. Weingartner:

Thank you for being our teacher. You are a very good one, and we couldn’t have asked for more. You have taught us a lot already, and the school year hasn’t even ended yet! We trust that you will make sure we are ready for middle school next year. You are funny and kind, but you don’t let things get out of hand. You are the best teacher we have ever had. We will miss you next year!

Thank you.

With love,

Mrs. Weingartner’s class of 2017-2018

A Short Collection of Poems


Green Gauze Veil

Spring is here. A green gauze veil                                                                                                        is covering everything.                                                                                                                          Everything.

The plants.                                                                                                                                                They are gently green. The trees’ leaves, the grass fresh.                                                              The flowers                                                                                                                                              are blooming.                                                                                                                                          Gently, gently. Continue reading “A Short Collection of Poems”

Finally Noticed

I grew up in China. The streets were always crowded and so was our apartment. I never did get noticed. Sure, my parents were kind, but nothing compelled them to pay more attention to me than my other siblings. I had a younger sister. My parents were always “babying” her, and she liked the attention. My mother was an accountant, and my father was a doctor. I never saw them except early in the morning and late at night. Nothing compelled them to notice me specially, even though I tried very hard to. When I made the Honor Roll, I got a halfhearted hug and that was all. When I got first place in the science fair, I got a high five. Unless I got rid of my sister, which I could not do, I would not be given any special attention. When we moved to NC, I made new friends. All my friends in China had known my sister, but these friends knew me only. I was more independent. At school, my teachers were nice to me, and I never had to be in my sister’s class. I felt more special. And although I didn’t get noticed the way I wanted to, I did get finally noticed.

Technology- Good or Bad?


Almost everyone these days has access to the internet on a phone, tablet, or a computer. Technology is soaring. We used to have to walk to the nearest library or hope that our grandparents knew what we wanted to know to figure something our, but now we just type in our search and load … your info’s there! But technology is harming us in different ways, too. Is it really worth hurting ourselves for a small piece of metal? Continue reading “Technology- Good or Bad?”